Committed. Connected. Your Partner.

The Mohr Davidow team works best with entrepreneurs who welcome our commitment and involvement as well as our funding, those whose vision and sense of mission is both compelling and pragmatic. We value entrepreneurs who identify impressive market opportunities and are not afraid to go after them. We look for those who inspire and attract other first-class people.

We are usually the first institutional investors, but we also make seed stage investments. Examples of seed investments that went on to raise additional rounds of venture funding with us include Proofpoint, PunchTab, Rocket Fuel and ZeaChem.

Skills and Experience

Success is rarely a straight path. Startups must iterate, often many times, to find the formula that works. For us, that means the real work begins after the investment. We contribute an unparalleled set of skills, experience, and a great deal of time and attention to our companies every step of the way.

Post-Investment Activity

Business and marketing strategy reviews—provide regular input to develop effective business, market development and brand building strategies for entering a market and maintaining a leadership position.

  • Management team recruiting—assisting you to build the best team at the executive level.
  • Commercialization—assessing when, where and how to introduce new products into the market.
  • Strategic partner and customer development—connecting you with key industry players and assisting you in securing strategic partners and, ultimately, helping to land early adopter customers.
  • Financing and liquidity strategies—determining capital models and sources of new investment.