Splice Machine

The SQL Database
For Big Data Apps

Splice Machine provides the first SQL-compliant database designed for Big Data applications. The Splice SQL Engine™ provides all the benefits of NoSQL databases such as auto-sharding, scalability, fault tolerance and high availability, while retaining the strengths of the industry standard – SQL. It optimizes complex queries to power real-time Big Data apps and enable interactive analytics without rewriting existing SQL-based apps and front-end BI tools such as MicroStrategy® and Tableau®. Splice Machine's goal is to provide companies with a high-performance, massively scalable database for Big Data applications that doesn’t require customers to compromise SQL support, secondary indexes, joins, and transactions.

Facts & Stats

  • Splice Machine features a veteran team that has been a part of organizations such as Blue Martini, Zynga, NASA, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Siebel, Red Pepper Software and Sun Microsystems.