Splice Machine

The Only Hadoop RDBMS

Splice Machine is disrupting the $30 billion traditional database world with the open-source dual-engine RDBMS for mixed operational and analytical workloads, powered by Hadoop and Spark. The Splice Machine RDBMS executes operational workloads on Apache HBase and analytical workloads on Apache Spark.

Splice Machine makes it easy to develop and create modern, real-time, scaleable applications, or to offload operational and analytical workloads from expensive Oracle, Teradata, and Netezza systems. Typical use cases are ETL, operational reporting or real-time applications.

Facts & Stats

  • Splice Machine features a veteran team that has been a part of organizations such as Blue Martini, Zynga, NASA, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Siebel, Red Pepper Software and Sun Microsystems.