Driving the Digital World

The ease with which we use technology, moving from application to application on any number of powerful devices whether at home, at work or on the road, is unprecedented.  We not only expect technology to deliver information immediately, we rely on it to stay connected.  Information, images and videos that were once inaccessible – let alone expensive and difficult to package and distribute – are now readily available, personalized and easily shared or consumed on smartphones, e-readers and smaller and more powerful laptops. The entrepreneurs who have built these consumer-facing companies have become rock stars of the global community.

In addition, underlying our communication, medical monitoring, shopping, or recreational uses of technology are powerful data centers, sophisticated software operating in the cloud, smarter networking, and massive amounts of high performance storage.  The infrastructure that makes it all possible doesn’t get as much glory, but the mathematicians, computer scientists, software developers and electrical engineers behind it are rock stars to us, too.

The passion of these entrepreneurs is what enables real-time business, whether on the front end, building powerful interfaces with the consumer or enterprise, or the back-end of customer fulfillment. They are behind making extremely low-cost elastic compute resources applied to vast, rich, heterogeneous data sets across the web. What does that mean?  Tremendously deeper insights into consumer preferences, driven by social, behavioral, locational, transactional and other data, not only create better online interactions, but ones that can happen in real-time. The power of communities, temporary or permanent, creates powerful social interactions, as well as amazing new ways to serve customer better. We – communities, consumers, prospect or customers – get more of what we want in a faster, richer, more personal experience.