Intelligent Healthcare

We’re inspired by the determination and creativity of the entrepreneurs who have catapulted biology from an analog to a digital science. Our life sciences investment interests lie in the translation of complex data and the application of technology to change the current paradigm of one-size-fits-all medicine to personalized medicine and data-driven healthcare.

Technological advances and innovation have caused an exponential reduction in the cost of generating and analyzing genetic data and biological processes. Recent advances in next-generation sequencing and protein platforms have resulted in an explosion of molecular level information and a greater understanding of diseases. Our belief is that the next great breakthroughs in healthcare will occur from a greater knowledge of individual biology.

The convergence of this richer biological information, real-time physiological data provided by sensors and wireless technologies, and more powerful computing of clinical information has created a new era of information-driven medicine. Together, fundamental advances at the intersection of life sciences and information technology are pushing the outermost boundaries of medicine. We are already seeing the impact of these more accurate, real-time and individualized diagnostics bringing about a new standard of care.

The entrepreneurs we fund are advancing science and changing the nature of their fields. They are building companies that help improve human health. Their work is changing the practice of healthcare in ways that will benefit us all.