Enabling Universal Access to Audiences

AudienceScience is a global digital marketing technology company enabling universal access to audiences through the AudienceScience Gateway. The AudienceScience Gateway is a proprietary audience delivery solution that unleashes the power of data making it simple to create, understand, and engage relevant audiences. By leveraging industry leading technology, superior service, and unique data assets, AudienceScience drives digital marketing success for advertisers, agencies, publishers and technology partners. Since 2003, AudienceScience has powered over 300,000 successfully targeted campaigns worldwide.

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Facts & Stats


  • A technology built for the marketer. Agencies are critical partners for marketers, but ensuring full transparency and maximizing Productive Media Quotient across multiple brands or business units on a global scale means marketers need to take ownership of their enterprise digital marketing technology.
  • A truly integrated platform for data and media. While it seems theoretically appealing to “separate church and state” and manage data and media separately, practically, technical disconnects between systems and subsequent data loss only result in more waste and operational inefficiencies. We operate a unique, integrated platform today and our first-hand experience tells us that this approach maximizes efficiency and effectiveness for marketers.
  • A global solution. Major brands in North America, Europe, LATAM, and Asia are already executing through the platform.