Real-time People Counting, Queue Managment and In-store Monitoring

Brickstream® uses discreet, at-the-edge, 3D video appliances and the patented BehaviorIQ™ platform, Brickstream solutions capture, transform and analyze highly accurate customer activity data for sales conversion, customer service and labor optimization. Leading retailers, retail banks and other brick-and-mortar outlets use Brickstream’s intuitive interfaces and predictive capabilities to improve the customer experience and drive business growth through more effective service, marketing and sales strategies. Brickstream’s customers achieve early, and significant, return on investment thanks to flexible deployment models, remote management services and a low total cost of ownership.



Facts & Stats

  • Headquartered in Atlanta, Brickstream has more than 25,000 appliances installed worldwide, a global network of partners, and regional offices in Europe and Asia.
  • Brickstream holds numerous patents, and dedicates significant resources to the ongoing research and development that keeps the company at the forefront of this market and extends the technology's value and efficiency.
  • Its clients include some of the largest and innovative companies in the Retail, Branch Banking and Consumer Packaged Goods industry segments.