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Privately held DVS Sciences Inc. manufactures and globally distributes a revolutionary platform technology including instruments and reagents using mass spectrometry for multi-parameter cell analysis, or “Mass Cytometry”. Cell analysis by Mass Cytometry provides considerably more probes per sample than any other technology today, uniquely enabling groundbreaking answers for highly complex questions in life sciences research, simultaneous phenotypic and functional profiling for drug discovery, and the potential for future clinical applications.

DVS Sciences’ key commercial products include the CyTOF®, a patented multi-parameter, high-throughput mass cytometer instrument for quantitative individual cell analysis, and proprietary reagents which include a continually expanding menu of metal conjugated antibodies and the MAXPAR® line of element labeling kits for antibodies.

The CyTOF technology has several advantages over conventional cell analysis technology like flow cytometry primarily derived by eliminating the inherent spectral overlap from fluorescent probes, thereby enabling quantitative, highly multi-parametric analysis that can simultaneously identify up to 100 biomarkers with high resolution and wide dynamic range.


Facts & Stats

  • Both of the DVS Sciences™ brands of CyTOFand MAXPAR technology are covered by company patents.
  • DVS Sciences has created the commercial mass cytometry market by integrating two technologies that are not commonly thought of as compatible: flow cytometry and mass spectrometry.
  • Mass cytometry allows for the measurement of up to 100 biomarkers in individual cells at high speed.
  • The company incubated the technology at the University of Toronto and commercially launched its CyTOF - MAXPAR platform in November of 2009. It is currently in use by customers in Canada, the U.S., and Asia.
  • Acquired by Fluidigm in 2014.