Epigram / Broadcom

A developer of advanced silicon technology for high-speed home networking

Epigram's iLine10 family of semiconductors enabled consumers to use their in-home telephone wire to connect PCs, entertainment devices and other intelligent appliances together throughout the home for distributing and sharing broadband services and PC-based peripheral equipment. Its InsideLine™ technology provided with an end-to-end broadband silicon solution that enabled the development of "system-on-a-chip" gateway solutions for the delivery of digital voice, video and data services into the home and small office. Acquired by Broadcom in June 1999.


Facts & Stats

  • When acquired by Broadcom, Epigram became the company’s Home Networking Division.
  • Epigram's chip enabled two or more PCs to transport data over a 10-megabit-per-second line via existing copper wires.