Massive Health

Making People Healthy

Massive Health is a company  dedicated to helping you live a healthier life. We believe that you deserve products that bring you joy while helping you understand your body. Our goal at Massive Health is to bring the kind of innovation we expect from the Internet world to health care. We’re going to bring “big-data” analysis and other techniques to discover insights that improves lives. Crowdsourcing, game mechanics, and social networking are cool, and applying it to helping someone get and stay healthy? That’s exciting. That’s powerful.

Facts & Stats

  • Founded by Aza Raskin
  • 90 percent of U.S. healthcare costs go to 15 percent of patients—people with diabetes, weight loss problems, hypertension, heart disease.
  • 60-70% of managing chronic health conditions are heavily influence-able through personal decisions around things like diet and exercise.