The Company That Connects Words, Ideas, Content, and People

Founded by the creators of Wordnik, the world’s largest online dictionary, Reverb connects people with the meaningful content that matters most to them. Reverb products find and connect the rich associations between words, ideas, content, and people. With applications and services for consumers, publishers, and developers, Reverb surfaces compelling content driven by relevant connections to the topics a person cares most about, providing reading experiences that are more personal, satisfying, and enjoyable. Built by a team of enterprise architecture, social networking, mobile web, computational linguistics, and lexicography experts, Reverb’s products include Reverb for Publishers, Reverb for Developers, and the Wordnik online dictionary and word-lovers’ community. For more information please visit, or follow us on twitter at @Reverb.

Facts & Stats

  • Through its network of thousands of sites, Reverb for Publishers increases readers’ exposure to site content and boosts traffic.
  • is Reverb’s flagship application which is focused on being the friendliest and most contextually-relevant English dictionary in the world, with more than 7.5 million unique words, 240,255 comments, 187,318 tags, 121,591 pronunciations, 112,676 favorites, and 1,373,822 words in 37,322 lists created by 104,019 Wordniks.
  • As a company, Reverb is committed to the open-source community and proudly contributes infrastructure software to power applications and enterprises both small and gigantic. Reverb for Developers offers new releases and code contributions for the following:
    • The Wordnik API: an API that lets developers request definitions, example sentences, spelling suggestions, related words, phrases containing a given word, word auto-completion, random words, words of the day, and much more;
    • Swagger: an interface specification and complete framework implementation for describing, producing, consuming, and visualizing RESTful web services;
    • Atmosphere: a framework that simplifies building high-performance, asynchronous web applications with a mix of WebSocket, Comet, and RESTful behavior;
    • Scalatra: an open-source microweb framework that combines the power of the JVM with Scala and helps developers quickly build high performance websites and APIs.