Splice Machine

The Big Data Imperative

Based in San Francisco, Splice Machine provides the first SQL-compliant database designed for Big Data applications. The Splice SQL Engine™ provides all the benefits of NoSQL databases such as auto-sharding, scalability, fault tolerance and high availability, while retaining the strengths of the industry standard – SQL. It optimizes complex queries to power real-time Big Data apps and enable interactive analytics without rewriting existing SQL-based apps and front-end BI tools such as MicroStrategy® and Tableau®. For more information on Splice Machine, please visit www.splicemachine.com.

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Facts & Stats

  • Companies are experiencing an explosion of data generated by applications, websites and users. With a proliferation of devices, such as smartphones and RFID tags, data growth only continues to accelerate.
  • Built on the proven Hadoop stack, the Splice SQL Engine™ takes the best of both SQL and NoSQL database solutions to deliver a massively scalable database that provides robust SQL support, secondary indexes, join optimizations and transactional integrity.
  • The Splice SQL Engine also scales to handle business intelligence and analysis, and works turnkey with tools like MicroStrategy® and Tableau®.