Verinata Health

Maternal and Fetal Health

Verinata is driven by a sole, extraordinary purpose – maternal and fetal health. The company's initial focus is to develop and offer non-invasive tests for early identification of fetal chromosomal abnormalities using its proprietary technologies. Verinata aims to reduce the anxiety associated with today's multi-step process, the unacceptable false-positive rates, the non-specific and sometimes confusing results of current prenatal screening methods, as well as the risk of current invasive procedures. In support of national guidelines recommending first trimester aneuploidy risk assessment, the company believes women who desire such an assessment should be offered a single blood draw test with a definitive result. Verinata is conducting a prospective, blinded pivotal study to clinically validate the sensitivity and specificity of its first prenatal test on a large scale with results of the study expected in 2011.

Facts & Stats

  • Identifies fetal chromosomal abnormalities through the direct measurement of DNA resulting in a simpler, faster and earlier prenatal test that is easily integrated into existing clinical workflows.
  • Current prenatal screening approaches rely on measurement of surrogate markers that yield highly variable results that are often inconclusive and confusing to both practitioners and patients.
  • Highly experienced management team with key scientific and clinical advisory board members.