With $54 Million from Goldman Sachs; Infusionsoft is on a Roll

April 8, 2013

Here I sit on a plane.

Hunched over in a seat made more for a man or woman with a banana-shaped back.

How any human can have comfort in one of these ergonomically incorrect seats is a mystery to me.

But nonetheless, it’s time to share a hero’s story with you. So I must put pen to paper and carry on.

You see, I am fresh off 5 days in the Arizona desert. Down to capture ‘the vibe’ (thanks Carmen Sognonvi) of over 2,000 entrepreneurs at an annual event called InfusionCon. Started 8 years ago with 29 entrepreneurs crammed in a small room; it is slated to welcome over 4,000 next year to the Phoenix Convention Center.

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