AudienceScience Goes All In With Technology

November 29, 2012

AudienceScience has always been in the business of firsts: from being the first DMP for publishers to the first behaviorally-targeted ad network. We’ve seen tremendous growth in the digital advertising market and radical changes in how technology impacts buying and selling. Through it all, however, something hasn’t been quite right. For all their investment online, large global brands have lacked the tools and transparency needed to spend more than 5%-8% of their media budgets in digital. Intermediaries and arbitragers have prospered while brands (and consumers) have struggled to find value in digital advertising.

 In fact, we find that for every dollar an advertiser spends, 50%-80% gets whittled away through waste and intermediary fees, leaving brands stuck with little of what we call Productive Media Quotient – the percentage of a marketer’s media budget which directly reaches the intended person, at the right frequency, in the desired place.

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