Big data’ startup Splice Machine breathes new life into SQL, pulls in $4M

October 17, 2012

Most experts agree that a traditional database can’t support the rapidly accelerating mess of unstructured and structured data contained within the enterprise. However, where this consensus falls apart, is on the right approach to tackling the “big data” problem.

In the ongoing battle between the NoSQL and SQL databases, Splice Machine is one of the few young companies that has come down firmly on the side of the latter. Today, the San Francisco startup has raised $4 million in first round funding for its SQL database build on top of the open-source Hadoop Distributed File System.

According to its founders, popular NoSQL databases like HBase and Cassandra Hadoop, can handle large volumes of data that do not fit neatly into structured tables, rows and columns. However, they are not equipped to support the full spectrum of business intelligence (BI) products.

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