Business Matters: Ticketfly Launches Ticketfly Causes To Help Charities, Build a Better Workplace

June 26, 2012

Billboard reports on Ticketfly's new charitable initiative, Ticketfly Causes

Ticketfly is not just an example of a corporation supporting good causes in its community and around the country. Ticketfly Causes is also an attempt to remain an attractive employer in a competitive labor market.

Ticketfly will build Ticketfly Causes into its platform in three ways. First is the charitable giving at the company level. The two initial partners are Sweet Relief and Headcount. Sweet Relief provides financial assistance to musicians with health care needs. Headcount, whose board includes Ticketfly co-founder Andrew Dreskin, aims to increase voter participation. Ticketfly plans to help Headcount's visibility in music venues leading up to this year's presidential election.

Second is the giving at the employee level. Ticketfly employees will be given up to 24 hours of paid time each year to volunteer at non-profits. In addition, the company will offer a donation-matching program to its nearly 100 -- and growing -- employees.

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