Crescendo Bioscience Takes Arthritis Into the World of Hard Data

February 24, 2012

Medicine can still sometimes look awfully primitive, despite all the whiz-bang developments in biotech. Take rheumatoid arthritis. Scientists don’t know what causes it, and clinicians have little hard data to help them diagnose it or measure patients’ progress over time.

But that’s starting to change, based on a new molecular test from South San Francisco-based Crescendo Bioscience. The company, whose test has been commercially available since November 2010, is seeking to help doctors get truly quantitative in analyzing how patients are doing with this painful inflammatory disorder of the joints.

“When we went out to talk to doctors, they would say things like ‘somebody needs to take this field into the next century,’” says Crescendo CEO Bill Hagstrom. “We think there’s an incredible opportunity in autoimmune diseases. It’s one of the next great frontiers.”  Read more>>>>