Gordon Murray Frames a New Future for Automaking

September 14, 2011

For all the advancements we’ve seen in automotive technology over the years, automakers still build cars much the same way Henry Ford did.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a hulking SUV, an almond-shaped hybrid or a leading-edge electric vehicle. Automobiles are still heavy machines made largely with steel stamped in giant presses in capital- and energy-intensive factories.

Gordon Murray believes there is a better way. He calls it iStream, for Stabilized Tube-Reinforced Exoframe Advanced Manufacturing. It replaces stamped steel with a composite monocoque bonded to a tubular steel frame and plastic bodywork. The result is a factory that requires 80 percent less capital investment and 60 percent less energy, while yielding cars that are 20 to 25 percent lighter — and far more fuel-efficient — yet just as safe as the cars we drive now. Read more>>>>