HOW TO: Target Ads Without Stalking Customers on the Web

August 5, 2011

By now, almost everyone has been targeted by online advertising. One minute you’re browsing for a pair of pants and then for days on end, everywhere you go on the web, you’re stalked by the same banner ad offering a discount on pants. Even if you’ve already purchased the pants, the ad continues to stalk you.

For marketers, ad “retargeting” — receiving ads based on previous actions or purchases — can be an effective method to reconnect with interested shoppers even after they leave a website, thus increasing brand recall and boosting conversions. Retargeting, when done right, is useful to consumers, offering them discounts or promoting items they’re likely to be interested in. But done poorly, retargeting can have a negative effect on your brand. Many people find it creepy to be “stalked” and will grow increasingly irritated by your ads. Read more>>>>