Medgadget Interview With HealthTap CEO Ron Gutman

September 29, 2011

Ron Gutman is CEO of HealthTap, an up and coming interactive health startup whose mission is to utilize the Internet and social media technology to better connect patients with their physicians. Ron is also an angel investor and adviser to many medtech companies, as well as a frequent writer and speaker for organizations and companies like TED and Forbes. He may be best known to the general public as an advocate for smiling. His insightful talk about smiling from this year’s TED conference has gone viral and is one of TED’s most popular videos.

This past weekend during the Medicine 2.0 Congress, Ron was kind enough to sit down and chat with us at HealthTap’s fun and friendly downtown Palo Alto office about HealthTap, the future of medicine, and of course, why he smiles. Read more>>>>