Real-Time Bidding Turns Into Real-Time Behavioral Targeting

June 29, 2011

Most marketers have heard about real-time bidding, but what about real-time behavioral targeting (BT)? While some brands want to downplay the fact they use targeting services, Rocket Fuel executives continue to tout what founder and CEO George John calls "real-time" BT.

John, a former Yahoo exec and NASA engineer, said real-time BT gives advertisers the ability to see improvements in brand metrics as the campaign runs. More than 400 brands and agencies worldwide run on Rocket Fuel's audience targeting platform to reach consumers throughout the purchase funnel. "We didn't foresee the evolution of real-time bidding when we started Rocket Fuel," he said. "Now that it exists, it's the perfect infrastructure to build on, because it's the way the online ad industry buys impressions." Read more>>>