Ticketfly Grew Revenue 57% in 2012, Proving Online Ticketing is Still Up for Grabs

February 27, 2013

Ticketing is one of those categories that many outside observers have conceded to Web 1.0 giants like Ticketmaster and StubHub. But as we learned in the Los Angeles market last fall when Ticketfly announced 400 percent growth within the market, there are entire segments – largely mid-tier and long tail, as well as remnant inventory – in which the incumbents are genuinely vulnerable.

The Bay Area startup shared its cumulative 2012 results today and the results were nearly as stout across the rest of the country as they were in the City of Angels. Ticketfly grew its clients 128 percent during the year to 822 event promoters and venues, across 44 US states. As a result, the company increased its total number of events served by 82 percent to 26,000 and its total ticket sales by 57 percent to reaching 4.1 million.

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