January 28th, 2009
Green Tech Media: In Silicon Valley, the concern isn't over whether or not President Obama's stimulus package will work, but what the final bill in his package will contain, writes Josh Green, General Partner, Mohr Davidow Ventures.
January 28th, 2009
Tech Crunch: VirtuOz, a company that develops virtual support agents, has closed a $11.4 million Series B funding round led by Mohr Davidow Ventures, with Galileo Partners and Eric Hahn with Inventures Group also participating.
January 27th, 2009
Genome Web: The privately held firm now has rights to develop a non-invasive, cell-free fetal DNA test based on methods licensed from the lab of Stephen Quake.
January 22nd, 2009
VentureBeat: Because Facebook is the largest, fastest-growing network in the world, a big question is what other social networks are going to do to compete.
January 20th, 2009
EE Times: In a deal likened by company representatives to the relationship between Microsoft and IBM at the beginning of the PC boom, virtual system prototyping technology provider Vast Systems Technology Corp. said last week that NEC Electronics Corp.'s U.S. subsidiary has agreed to distribute Vast virtualization technology with automotive microcontrollers.
January 8th, 2009
VentureBeat: Poor termites. They’ll have no part in the ZeaChem facilities that may someday pump out millions of gallons of cellulosic ethanol, even though it’s the humble bug’s legacy that allowed it all to happen.
January 8th, 2009
Genome Web: While the public financing market has virtually dried up and most IPOs have been pulled over recent months, venture capital cash is still available to life science tool firms with innovative products and a compelling business strategy, a couple of venture capital investors told GenomeWeb Daily News.
January 1st, 2009
Daily Mail: Under this silver wrapping is a revolutionary new car. It's smaller than a Mini but the British inventor says it seats four in style, goes like a bomb and does 80mpg. Pure hype - or a glimpse of the future?


December 19th, 2008
UC Berkeley News: The White House has honored three University of California, Berkeley, researchers with the nation's highest award for scientists at the early stages of their careers.
December 15th, 2008
VentureBeat: A new company called Laurus Energy, which recently received $9 million in backing from a Silicon Valley venture firm, claims it has found the cheapest way to deliver clean power in North America.