Virtual Agents: Marketing in the Age of Digital Customer Relationships

June 9, 2011

The intelligent virtual agent (IVA) value proposition is so compelling for both the online consumer and the business provider that leading analyst firm Gartner Research predicts that virtual agents will be the standard technology for customer interactions in two to four years. The aggressive adoption of IVAs is a consumer led revolution in which an increasingly large generation of users, including but not limited to digital natives, are living in an online world where blogging, texting, tweeting, eCommerce, and social networks are the way of life. This Web savvy consumer prefers both their personal and business engagements to be conducted online. The IVA offers a compelling customer experience that aligns with the consumer’s expectations.

While originally adopted for online customer service, virtual agents have morphed into a new marketing engagement model. As the CMO for VirtuOz, which leads the market with the largest number of live enterprise intelligent virtual agents for Global 2000 companies including eBay, SFR, H&R Block and L’Oreal, I have been privy to this emerging marketing trend. Read more>>>>