What's Fueling Rocket Fuel: Smarter Machines, People Too

January 17, 2013

Real-time programmatic buying optimizer Rocket Fuel this morning reported record revenue of $107 million for 2012, a 238% increase over 2011, and outpacing most programmatic marketplace growth estimates by a wide margin. The company attributed the rapid expansion to improvements in its core artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic media trading systems, and the fact that existing customers have been expanding the amount of buying they place through Rocket Fuel’s systems, because they work so well. In fact, while Rocket Fuel did add an impressive number of new advertisers in 2012, its 93% growth in new customers trails its overall growth rate by a margin of more than two-to-one.
But don’t worry about machines taking over the business anytime soon. If Rocket Fuel’s own growth is any indication, the type of technology they have been developing actually increases the need for human talent -- albeit not in the manual media trading part of the business.  Read more here >>>>