Xicato demonstrate the effectiveness of their LED innovations

June 20, 2011

Light Emitting Diodes offer lifetime advantages compared to all other light sources. This means that end-users have lower lamp changing costs, do not have to hold stocks of lamps and no longer have the possibility of an incorrect lamp replacement (eg. of a different shade of white light) tarnishing an atmosphere. There are parallel ecological advantages connected with the treatment of waste and LED luminaire schemes having a lower energy consumption.

The uptake of LEDs has been held back by compromises in light quality, including colour point discrepancies part to part which widen with time. Secondly, with the drive to higher efficacies compromises were made in terms of colour point (a greenish hue where the human eye is more sensitive), colour rendering ability and uniformity of intensity and colour. Architects could not accept these trade-offs in most installations.

Xicato's technological innovation overcomes these issues. Read more>>>>