August 3rd, 2010
PV-Tech.org: Before Solyndra's trials, tribulations, and triumphs put that company in the media and industry crosshairs in recent months, the company that received the lion's share of bete noire/tech-innovator darling attention among the emergent thin-film PV crowd was Nanosolar.
August 1st, 2010
Ethanol Producer Magazine: The commitment to cellulosic ethanol continues to gain ground in different ways.
July 30th, 2010
Fast Company: The Salton Sea is one of California's most intriguing attractions. It's one of the planet's largest inland seas, the home of over 400 species of birds, the product of an irrigation project overflow, one of the planet's lowest points and, perhaps most creepily, surrounding by a number of ghost towns.
July 29th, 2010
Forrester Research: Effective vertical strategies are becoming more critical for tech vendors as they try to address the core business problems - not just the pure technical problems - of their customers.
July 21st, 2010
San Francisco Business Times: Tethys Bioscience Inc. raised $23 million in venture financing and closed a $10 million loan to help it grow its sales force and expand the market for its predictive diabetes test.
July 14th, 2010
Technology Review: As a genre, personalized medicine has yet to deliver many individualized treatments. But progress has been more tangible on the diagnostics side.
July 9th, 2010
Chemical & Engineering News: Chemicals, not fuels, were the focus of many companies at the World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology & Bioprocessing, held last week outside Washington, D.C. As start-up firms search for elusive profits in industrial biotech, they are finding that making high-volume chemicals can be more lucrative than trying to compete with gasoline.
July 8th, 2010
Technology Review: As the cost of DNA sequencing continues to fall and scientists discover a growing number of genes linked to different diseases, the field of genetic diagnostics is preparing for a boom.
July 1st, 2010
VentureBeat: If you took the time to sit down and sift through the US Census Bureau data, you'd see that over the past few years, entrepreneurs are starting new businesses at an unprecedented rate.
July 1st, 2010
CNBC: Europe's 23 million entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs will be the driving force behind the region's economic recovery. But it's not just the range of companies that's dizzying - it's the disruptive force of their ideas.