November 16th, 2016
June 3rd, 2016
When an entrepreneur takes investor money, they are expected to deliver on the plan and milestones they “sold” to investors during the fund-raising process. These expectation dynamics are covered in an earlier blog: http://onforb.es/25DBDfR
May 27th, 2016
An angel investor friend recently got a bit of hard news – they were going to get significantly less on a recent acquisition of an angel investment than they had expected. It was a good lesson in the perils of angel investing.
March 14th, 2016
A tweet from GrowthHackers caught my eye recently — “Our #product market fit and NPS are off the scale, but we’re struggling to grow. Any ideas why?”


February 24th, 2015
One of the biggest challenges young companies face is scaling. More specifically, how to put together a team with the right people; then grow and cultivate that talent as the company expands. If you’re currently an entrepreneur currently seeking engineers, you know exactly what I’m talking about here!


June 10th, 2014
500 Startups' PreMoney Primer: MDV’s Katherine Barr On VC & the LP POV