Carrier IQ and Huawei Offer Mobile Intelligence to Revolutionize the Customer Experience for Mobile Broadband Services

February 14, 2011

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.-- February 14, 2011 -- Carrier IQ, Inc., the leader in Mobile Intelligence solutions for device manufacturers and wireless operators, today announced a global software license agreement with Huawei, the leader in mobile broadband terminals. Huawei will incorporate Carrier IQ solutions on a wide range of mobile broadband data devices to focus on enabling the best possible consumer experience.

The Carrier IQ solution, in combination with Huawei’s market leading portfolio of mobile broadband terminals, enables Huawei’s Mobile Operator customers to proactively improve the overall quality of the Mobile Broadband User Experience of their subscribers. This is accomplished using advanced on-device technology and analytics, which provide direct insight and actionable intelligence about the true Mobile User Experience, while maintaining the highest levels of privacy and security. Users can opt-in and provide feedback to mobile operators on the quality of their experience.

Mobile operators benefit from the Carrier IQ enabled Huawei devices by obtaining a “real world” view on the performance of their network and devices from a user perspective which is then used to optimize coverage, data throughput, streamline customer care, and manage the device lifecycle. As a supplier to most major mobile operators, Huawei is making Carrier IQ’s technology available to their partners and customers for immediate deployment.

In announcing the partnership, Carrier IQ CEO Mark Quinlivan said, “These new datacards will offer enhanced delivery of mobile data services, identification of network coverage gaps, and improvements in customer care services.” Quinlivan added, “Consumers will greatly benefit from these new datacards, while the manufacturer of the datacards and the network operators will have the ability to continuously improve their offerings.”

As a growing data-set of user experience metrics is reported from Huawei terminals and datacards, a complete picture of network and device performance is built which provides a rolling score-card of network quality at a country, city or cell-tower level on an hour-by-hour basis. At a subscriber level, this information allows a customer care agent to quickly and accurately diagnose and resolve problems a subscriber is experiencing. The solution allows for customer opt-in, full transparency to consumers and the data is highly secure and anonymized thus protecting consumers’ privacy.

“By expanding our relationship with Carrier IQ, we are making it even easier for our customers to get access to Carrier IQ’s leading Mobile Intelligence solutions,” said Mr. Su Jie, Director of Huawei Mobile Broadband Product Line. “With extensive demand in the market for service providers to be able to differentiate themselves by providing customized service to their customers, mobile operators can optimize the customer’s user experience and deliver true performance data, enabling mobile operators to optimize their end-to-end service delivery,” added Mr. Su Jie.

The Carrier IQ solution is commercially available and deployed with major global operators today.

About Carrier IQ
Carrier IQ enables mobile operators, device manufacturers, application developers and market researchers to improve their offerings based on direct insight into the customer experience. Deployed on over 120M devices from 12 leading mobile device vendors worldwide, Carrier IQ is the leading provider of Mobile Intelligence solutions that use mobile devices to provide detailed metrics regarding mobile experience in a highly secure, private and anonymized environment. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Mountain View, California, Carrier IQ is a privately held, venture-backed company with offices in the U.S., UK and Malaysia. For more information, please visit

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Huawei Technologies is a leader in providing next generation telecommunications networks and now serves 35 of the world's top 50 operators along with over one billion users worldwide. The company is committed to providing innovative and customized products, services and solutions to create long-term value and growth potential for its customers. Huawei Communication Technologies is a fully owned subsidiary of Huawei Technologies. Huawei has been dedicated to product innovation since it released its first mobile broadband product in 2004 and has continued to develop groundbreaking innovations. The total shipment of mobile broadband products by Huawei now exceeds 25 million units worldwide. Servicing 235 carriers in 115 countries, Huawei's mobile broadband products are ranked No.1 in global market share. For more information, please visit

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