DS-IQ Integrates Intel® AIM Suite into Behavioral Targeting and Measurement Platform

January 31, 2012

Industry's first viewership engagement and direct response optimization and measurement for retailers.

BELLEVUE, Wash., Jan. 31, 2012 -- Today DS-IQ announced the integration of Intel® Audience Impression Metrics Suite (Intel® AIM Suite) with DS-IQ's Retail Media Platform. The updated solution delivers the industry's first comprehensive viewership and engagement measurement with direct response data for optimizing retail media networks.

With the addition of Intel® AIM Suite, DS-IQ's Retail Media Platform can now take real-time audience characteristics and engagement as an input to provide richer in-depth store analytics around foot-traffic patterns, product engagement, and product abandonment by store. This new data feed provides stores with enhanced national and individual store level analytics, further enabling them to optimize product merchandising and return on valuable square footage.

Tom Opdycke, DS-IQ's president and CEO, commented, "Brands and retailers have long told us their desire for a solution to help them get the most out of their in-store video. Today, we are announcing that with Intel's AIM Suite technology we can optimize results based on both audience characteristics and direct response. It's the best of both worlds. Together with Intel® AIM Suite, DS-IQ's closed loop system unlocks powerful new insights and automatically makes smart decisions to boost results – by store, by day-part, by message, and now – by audience."

DS-IQ's Retail Media Platform is an end-to-end system that utilizes shopper behavioral data and analytics to deliver automated smart scheduling of media, with sophisticated measurement of the sales impact of in-store digital advertising campaigns. With the integration of Intel AIM Suite, DS-IQ will now be able to provide retailers with real-time optimization of digital offers, promotions, and advertisements based on demographics of the viewer with full, closed looped measurement of the impact.

Intel AIM Suite-enabled screens in retail venues now proactively pass data to DS-IQ's optimization and behavioral targeting system to enable targeted media, based on audience detection technology. Viewership data from Intel AIM Suite technology enable DS-IQ to target and optimize based on continuous analysis of transactional sales data collected from retailers' POS systems.

"A company can place a million ads, but if it doesn't know who's looking at the content and for how long, the return on investment is lost," said Jose Avalos, director of retail segment, Intel Corporation. "Intel AIM Suite helps marketers and retailers create engaging and personalized media content with targeted messaging to the right audiences at the right time while protecting the privacy of consumers"

About DS-IQ
DS-IQ is leading the development of closed-loop optimization systems for digital retail media. The company's technology leverages shopper buying history and media response data to enable retailers and brands to easily deliver an engaging and personalized shopping experience to their customers. DS-IQ technology unites media delivery, shopper engagement, and POS data to improve relevance and response.

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