ParAccel Analytic Offload Accelerates Enterprise-Wide Decision Making

August 10, 2011

Analytic Platform offering unleashes analytic backlog, frees valuable data warehouse resources

CAMPBELL, Calif.--ParAccel, Inc., provider of the world’s leading analytic platform, today released its Analytic Offload Solution, a combination of products and services developed for offloading analytic workloads from data warehouses. The new solution drives more accurate decisions, uncovers previously hidden risks and opportunities and improves price performance by up to 100 times.1

As more organizations conduct complex analytics on sophisticated workloads, the traditional Business Intelligence (BI) infrastructure cannot keep up with the pace. Consequently, companies restrict access to important data or limit access by providing summarized data, which may result in inaccurate business decisions. For companies whose analytics were previously constrained, the solution aligns workloads with the right platforms, opens the door to new business innovation, and extends the life of existing data warehouse investments.

Offloading is built on the ParAccel Analytic Platform, an analytic database surrounded by extensibility and integration technology that serves as a foundation for analytics across the enterprise. In addition, ParAccel is launching a set of services designed to help companies identify the right workloads for offloading, quick start the analytic process, and rapidly progress to new application areas.

“We are seeing an increased demand across multiple industries for cross-organizational analytics programs, driven by new data sources like sensors and mobile transactions,” said Wayne Eckerson, director of research at TechTarget. “Today, more executives and business leaders understand the high value of analytics and expect their organizations to expand the number of decisions that are driven by data.”

ParAccel’s new Analytic Offload Solution lets analytic-driven companies analyze any amount of data. They can quickly access, import and integrate data and analytic sources from all areas across the organization. The offload process allows companies to experience more powerful analytic technology without disrupting data center standards. More importantly, the new solution enables them to rapidly spin-up and spin-down analytic data marts.

“Our customers demand an analytic solution that gives them speed and agility while answering the most complex and sophisticated questions asked by the business,” said Chuck Berger, chairman and CEO of ParAccel. “Adding ParAccel to their existing data infrastructure sets the analytic stage for new business applications and results that drive profitability and reduce risk.”

The solution sets the stage for unconstrained analytic performance regardless of the scale of data or the complexity of the analysis. Companies adopting the offload strategy are now able to span the entire analytic lifecycle from discovery to operational analytics.

About ParAccel
In today’s analytics-driven environment, gaining fast and accurate business insights from massive volumes of data provides significant strategic advantage. As the leader in the high performance Analytics Platform market, ParAccel enables organizations to address their most dynamic and complex analytic challenges and rapidly gain ultra-fast, deep insights from very large data sets. ParAccel’s Fortune 1000 customers include companies in the Financial Services, Retail and Healthcare industries, as well as government agencies. Each organization uses ParAccel to address their business-critical data issues outside the scope of conventional data warehouses and existing analytic tools.

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1 Based on an internal proof of concept where the ParAccel Offload Solution increased performance ten times at one-tenth of the cost, compared to upgrading the existing data warehouse platform.