ParAccel Announces Cloud Edition

November 2, 2011

On demand analytic platform accelerates time to market, reduces project risk and cost.

CAMPBELL, Calif., Nov 02, 2011 -- ParAccel, Inc., developer of the world's most powerful analytic platform, today announced ParAccel Cloud Edition available for deployment on premise in a private cloud or in a public cloud. ParAccel Cloud Edition speeds time to analytic value allowing near instant deployment of the ParAccel Analytic platform, reducing project risk and allowing enterprise customers to provision just the amount of storage and compute power they need.

Successful enterprises realize they can significantly accelerate revenue growth and profitability by unlocking the value of the data they collect from their business operations and customer interactions. Legacy databases and data warehouses are unable to process the volume of data, the variations in data types, or the complexity of analytics in a timely manner. ParAccel has developed an analytic platform that allows enterprises to conduct analytics that were not previously possible with these legacy database vendors.

ParAccel Cloud Edition allows enterprises to quickly provision an analytic platform right sized for the task at hand and to adjust the compute resources as the workload varies. ParAccel Cloud Edition also allows enterprises to shift resources between functions as needed in either a public or private cloud.

ParAccel Cloud Edition includes the ParaAccel analytic database which enables integrated analytics through an extensibility framework as the foundation for complex analytics on large, varied datasets. Future versions of the Cloud Edition will include a provisioning tool that provides an intuitive interface and allows end users to set up this analytic platform in a matter of minutes. With this tool, and in order to speed the adoption of analytic "sandboxes," the end users will find their sandbox already populated with prebuilt and off-the-shelf analytic functions and the capability to provision all required data. The solution will support the delivery of custom analytics and the rapid provisioning of multiple analytic instances. The result is rapid spin-up and spin-down of sandbox deployments, plus the ability to transfer into production with the click of a button.

"Our customers want to focus on the business value of analytics; they don't want to worry about all the technology behind that effort," said Chuck Berger, chairman and CEO of ParAccel. "Jumping onto the cloud or becoming a cloud provider within the walls of their organization sets the stage for new business applications that drive profitability and reduce risk."

About ParAccel
To gain a competitive advantage in a fast paced, data-driven world companies need immediate answers to any business question they decide to ask. As the leading analytic platform provider, ParAccel accelerates analytics and opens the door for companies to accelerate, innovate and compete. ParAccel Analytic Platform is an analytic database surrounded by extensibility and integration technology as a foundation for running big data analytics, anytime, anywhere. ParAccel's Fortune 1000 customers, in Digital Media, Retail, Financial Services, Healthcare and Government, are testing the bounds of unconstrained analytics with the most prolific, most powerful, most expansive analytic platform in the world.

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