PBworks Launches Next Generation of Cloud-Based Enterprise-Class Collaboration Software

May 24, 2011

Scalable platform delivers faster, richer, more intuitive service to make enterprise customers more productive

SAN MATEO, Calif., May 24, 2011 -- PBworks, the leading provider of hosted collaboration solutions for business and education, today announced the next generation of its business solution. This release, the most extensive update to PBworks since 2008, leverages improvements in web technologies to deliver a faster, richer, more intuitive service. With this release PBworks offers the first cloud-based collaboration software with massive scalability and the security features enterprise businesses need. Customers can set up thousands of web sites, store multiple terabytes of data and documents, and search through all that content nearly instantaneously. Navigational overhead for common actions has been reduced up to 66%, while the user interface presents an average of 25% more content per screen, allowing business customers to be more productive.

Thousands of businesses ranging from global advertising agencies to individual attorneys use PBworks to manage projects, connect with customers, and share knowledge and files. This latest version of PBworks uses newer technologies like HTML5 to give these businesses a more interactive, scalable, and intuitive collaboration experience. Key enhancements include:

•The ability to scale a single corporate account to include thousands of individual workspaces and store multiple terabytes of data
•A streamlined user interface that uses contextual controls to make the product simpler and more intuitive without reducing functionality
•Universal "faceted" search that allows users to refine search results by a wide variety of parameters including file type and who last edited the document
•Off-the-shelf LDAP integration, including regular synchronization of user profile information and photos
•Structured workspace-level properties to allow complex management reporting, filtering and searching
•Automated transcoding and secure sharing of video files, regardless of format
•Easy interface customization tools for rapid creation of highly specialized applications such as New Business Hub
•Detailed usage reports and graphs, broken down by workspace, file, and user

 "We launched the previous generation of PBworks in 2008," said David Weekly, Founder and Chief Product Officer of PBworks. "Back then, the majority of companies were still using IE6. New technologies have allowed us to dramatically improve the power and usability of our product. The result is a simpler, faster, better, and most importantly, more productive user experience."

"We chose PBworks based on its easy Active Directory integration, no-infrastructure-needed SaaS platform and solid user interface," said Lionel Felix, Global IT Director for Enfatico, a leading advertising agency headquartered in Austin, Texas. "Our people vote with their clicks. Tools that improve productivity get their clicks and those that don't, don't. PBworks' new version improves and refines the product and will help our people be even more productive and engaged."

"I've been advising enterprise clients about collaboration since 2003. In 2011, if the solution you choose isn't laser-focused on both usability for the individual and scalability for your company and content, you are missing major keys to getting your employees or others comfortable in using the system," said Dan Keldsen, President, InformationArchitected.com. "I applaud PBWorks' dedication to focusing on their clients' needs rather than their own branding and screenspace."

The new version of PBworks dramatically reduces the number of clicks required to perform common actions like looking up another user by up to 66%, and allows users to see 25% more files and 33% more text per screen, given a standard 1200 x 800 screen resolution.

Pricing and Availability
These enhancements are available at no additional charge to all business customers of PBworks. This includes customers of Business Edition, Customer Relationship Edition, Agency Edition, Legal Edition, and New Business Hub. Existing business customers can choose when to upgrade; PBworks will continue to support the previous version of the service during the transition process.

About PBworks
PBworks (http://pbworks.com) is the world's leading provider of hosted collaboration solutions for businesses and education. Leading companies and organizations like FedEx, DePaul University, and the FDA choose PBworks to help teams work more effectively across geographic and organizational boundaries, including teams that span employees, customers, partners, and vendors.

Over 85,000 businesses have chosen PBworks to share knowledge, interact with customers, manage projects, and support other forms of teamwork. We host over a million team workspaces, serve several million users each month, and 96% of users would recommend PBworks to a friend. Investors in PBworks include Mohr Davidow Ventures, Seraph Group, Sippl Investments, and Ron Conway.

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