Tethys Selected as 2012 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum for Its Innovation in Diagnostics

September 1, 2011

PreDx® Diabetes Risk Score, Tethys Solution to Reverse the Global Diabetes Epidemic, Recognized as Cutting-Edge Technology Transforming Business and Society

EMERYVILLE, Calif.-- Tethys Bioscience has been selected as a Technology Pioneer 2012 by the World Economic Forum, in recognition of the PreDx® Diabetes Risk Score’s (DRS) potential to have a significant impact on preventing diabetes, improving treatment outcomes, lowering healthcare costs and reversing the course of the devastating diabetes epidemic. The World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers award recognizes the most innovative technology start-ups from around the world -- companies that represent the latest generation of innovation and are poised to have a critical impact on how business and society work.

The PreDx DRS is the cornerstone of Tethys’ solution to address the public health threat of the growing diabetes epidemic in an environment of increasingly unaffordable healthcare expenditures. Diabetes represents one of the largest epidemics in history. Diabetes affects nearly 27 million people in the US, and is the seventh leading cause of mortality. Worldwide, diabetes affects 350 million people, with expectations of a 50% increase by 2030. Unchecked, diabetes will kill millions of people unnecessarily and destroy individual lives, societies, healthcare systems and economies.

Diabetes, like other chronic cardiometabolic diseases, is preventable. The global challenge in stopping diabetes is that it is economically impossible and impractical to treat the large populations categorized today as pre-diabetic, and conventional diagnostic and risk-stratification methods are too inaccurate to identify those patients at highest risk and in most imminent need of preventive intervention. The enormity of the at-risk population identified using traditional methods makes it impossible to manage without more refined stratification.

The PreDx DRS provides enhanced diabetes risk stratification. The PreDx DRS is a multi-marker blood test that assesses complex metabolic status and provides a simple, quantitative, personalized risk score for probable diabetes diagnosis within 5 years. The PreDx DRS is more accurate than traditional screening measures -- fasting glucose, HbA1c -- because it assesses the underlying physiology that contributes to diabetes progression in addition to glucose homeostasis, including inflammation and fat metabolism. It is the only risk stratification tool enabling physicians to focus resources on patients at highest risk of disease, monitor and measure responses to intervention, and motivate patients to adopt risk reduction programs and behaviors.

“We deeply appreciate the World Economic Forum’s recognition of Tethys as a Technology Pioneer and of the PreDx DRS as a critical tool to reduce the incidence and prevalence of diabetes that threatens public health. The diabetes epidemic threatens the effectiveness and solvency of our global healthcare systems,” said Mickey S. Urdea, PhD, Tethys chairman and chief scientific officer. “PreDx DRS is not only a powerful risk assessment and mitigation tool, but also a critically important prevention tool that allows the optimal and personalized orchestration of appropriate interventions.”

Continued Dr. Urdea: “Tethys' PreDx DRS and our 5-part prevention solution program enable physicians to focus prevention and interventional efforts on the small percentage of patients who actually harbor the highest disease risk, motivating them to make the behavioral and lifestyle changes that can prevent or delay disease onset, and determining the effectiveness of interventions. We believe that the PreDx DRS represents the essence of personalized medicine: getting the right treatment to the right patient at the right time, empowering patients to seize the moment, take control of their health and help prevent the downward spiral into disease and disability.”

“Intel Capital invested in Tethys to encourage personalized medicine and foster innovation that extends technology to enable better decisions sooner, and we congratulate Tethys for receiving this prestigious honor from the World Economic Forum,” said Steve Eichenlaub, managing director, Intel Capital. “Tethys has made great strides in helping address the diabetes epidemic which affects millions globally. Their work reflects the emphasis the World Economic Forum places on honoring technology companies poised to have a significant positive impact on society.”

As noted in the World Economic Forum’s announcement today, the Technology Pioneers 2012 are drawn from the fields of information technology and new media, energy and environment, and life sciences and health where they are active in a variety of areas, illustrating the broad range of impact they have on the world. Technology Pioneers are selected annually based on a rigorous selection process by a committee which includes leading academics, journalists, technologists and venture capitalists. Since 2000, the World Economic Forum has recognized the work of young companies who hold the promise of significantly transforming the way business and society operate.

“One particular aspect to highlight this year is the large number of companies that are focusing on having a social impact, such as providing health or financial services to underserved populations, while revolutionizing the business paradigms in their industries,” said Olivier Schwab, Director, Head of Technology Pioneers, World Economic Forum. “This year’s companies showcase the diversity in which innovative technology can be deployed to benefit business and society.”

The Technology Pioneers 2012 will be recognized for their work at the Annual Meeting of the New Champions in Dalian, People’s Republic of China, from 14 to 16 September 2011. For further information on the Technology Pioneers 2012, please visit http://www.weforum.org/techpioneers.

About PreDx® Diabetes Risk Score
The PreDx Diabetes Risk Score (DRS) provides enhanced risk stratification through the measurement of multiple biomarkers linked to pathways of diabetes progression. PreDx DRS was developed using a unique approach to quantifying biomarkers suspected of playing roles in diabetes development. Tethys methodology enabled evaluation of many biomarkers utilizing very small amounts of blood from select and well-characterized large study cohorts with known diabetes outcomes. The company then determined the combination of these biomarkers with an algorithm that best identified an individual’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes within five years. PreDx DRS has been validated by the Tethys Clinical Laboratory (TCL) in several large populations. The test uses standard immunoassay and clinical chemistry formats, sample collection and shipment methods. Currently performed exclusively by the CLIA-certified TCL, the test generates a Diabetes Risk Score between 1 and 10 that corresponds to an absolute percentage risk of developing disease within five years. For more information about PreDx DRS, please visit www.predxdiabetes.com.

About Tethys
Tethys is a cardiometabolic diagnostics company that creates and commercializes breakthrough biomarker-based blood tests that predict imminent disease risk and enable targeted intervention to preempt the onset of chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes. Tethys introduced its first product -- PreDx® Diabetes Risk Score -- to the market in 2008, and initiated sales in 2009. The Tethys PreDx platform includes products in development to determine risk for first-time heart attack, osteoporotic fracture and other cardiometabolic diseases with the goal of improving health outcomes and reducing the devastating economic impact that debilitating, preventable diseases have on individuals and society. The PreDx DRS is performed solely at the Tethys Clinical Laboratory in Emeryville, CA. For more information about Tethys and PreDx DRS, please visit www.tethysbio.com.