Visible Measures Announces Chief Analytics Officer, Vice President of Finance

May 18, 2011

Industry veteran Seraj Bharwani assumes role of Chief Analytics Officer; Lynne Lipinsky appointed Vice President of Finance

BOSTON, May 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --Visible Measures, the independent third-party media measurement firm for online video advertisers and publishers, today announced that Seraj Bharwani will serve as the company's Chief Analytics Officer. As part of his new role, Bharwani is responsible for extracting online video advertising insights from the patented Visible Measures platform and Viral Reach Database™ and educating the market on industry trends and best practices.

"Every paradigm shift in advertising history has had a champion, and Seraj is undoubtedly the champion for social video advertising," said Visible Measures founder and CEO Brian Shin. "Seraj has been supremely influential in the industry and has been at the forefront as advertisers make the shift to a world where consumers are in control. As Chief Analytics Officer, Seraj will be able to bring even more insights to the industry and help advertisers understand the benefits of driving consumer choice and Earned Media in online video."

Bharwani helps advertisers take advantage of the growing opportunity in social video advertising, which is among the fastest growing advertising segments. In 2010, social video advertising views increased 230%, over nine times more than search and display impression growth. The threshold to make the Ad Age Viral Video Chart, powered by Visible Measures, reached 900,000+ views in Q1 2011, an increase of over 400% since the chart's launch two years ago. Aggregate views for Super Bowl ad campaigns in social video have also increased significantly, surpassing 300 million views in 2011, over 100% more than 2010 results.

As part of his role as Chief Analytics Officer, Bharwani helps advertisers understand the unique opportunity of social video advertising. Unlike traditional online video advertising that interrupts content to broadcast brand messaging, such as pre-roll advertisements, ads in social video are the content. As a result, audiences choose the ads they want to watch and share, generating the highest impact views for brands available in online video.

Visible Measures also announced today that Lynne Lipinsky has assumed the role of Vice President of Finance. Prior to joining Visible Measures, Lipinsky served as Vice President of Finance of ScanScout, which was acquired by Tremor Media in 2010, and led the vision and growth of its financial operations. Before ScanScout, Lipinsky served as the Corporate General Manager & Director of Finance at ILOG, formerly Logic Tools, where she helped lead the financial strategy for the business pre and post-acquisition. Before ILOG, she served as Senior Manager of Mergers and Acquisition at Macromedia, formerly Allaire, developing and implementing processes that contributed to its growth.

About Visible Measures

Visible Measures is the independent third-party media measurement firm for online video advertisers and publishers. Designed from the ground up to meet the unique challenges of measuring online video, the company's patented platform powers the Viewable Media choice-based video ad network. Visible Measures provides its customers and clients with unprecedented visibility into the performance of paid and Earned Media placements and engagement in online video. Visible Measures is a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau's (IAB) Digital Video Committee and the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF). To learn more about Visible Measures and explore its industry-wide charts, please visit