Mohr Davidow Partner Sue Siegel Speaks at Xconomy Forum: Computing in the Age of the $1000 Genome

October 24, 2011

An incredible innovation story has been unfolding in the world of gene sequencing, which is giving rise to one of today’s grand challenges of computing. New DNA sequencing tools are improving at such a rapid pace that scientists say it will soon be possible to generate the 3-billion-letter signature of an individual’s DNA for $1,000, and possibly in as little as 15 minutes of work. If this can be done on a large scale, scientists expect it will create an enormously deep set of information to clear the way for a more personalized brand of medicine.

There are still immense challenges to be confronted before this vision can become reality. This genomic data will need to be stored, secured, backed up, analyzed, and visualized in order for it to live up to its promise. While most of the innovation of the past decade has concentrated on the sequencing instruments themselves, scientists increasingly are struggling to make sense of these massive datasets, which is creating new opportunities for tech companies. Xconomy will convene some of the West Coast’s leading entrepreneurs, scientists, and investors to talk about the role computing will play in this big story of the coming decade.


Event Information
Computing in the Age of the $1000 Genome
October 24, 2011
San Francisco, CA