Mohr Davidow's Katherine Barr to Speak at 500 Startups' PreMoney Conference

June 26, 2013

Join the innovators and thought leaders that are changing the game.

Venture capital is in crisis. Over the last 10 years, returns have been dismal, early-stage funds are withering, and even public equity markets are beating funds to a pulp. While some seed and large funds are still flourishing, venture capital ironically needs more innovation and efficiency.

PreMoney is an invite-only conference for accredited investors about the most disruptive models, platforms and strategies for modernizing venture capital. Featuring case studies from today's most forward-thinking VC's. PreMoney will provide insight and tactics for building successful and scalable venture portfolios that are just as innovative as the companies they finance.

Event Information
500 Startups' PreMoney Conference
June 26, 2013
San Francisco, CA