Mohr Davidow's Scott Hartley a Panelist at SVForum

April 18, 2012

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ have clearly woven themselves into the very fabric of our personal and professional lives. Their simple and intuitive user experience, and the effective and efficient means they provide to connect people, brands, and consumers are transforming the very way business is conducted. It's natural that so much of the innovation funded by the venture community is connected in some way with Social Media, whether it's to reach customers, respond to service issues, or build buzz about new products and services. Our panel will discuss how companies are adopting--and adapting these platforms to increase traffic, conversions, and profit as they extend relationships and make every interaction part of their experience -– and how entrepreneurs can take advantage of this trend to build successful new products and ventures. Join us and learn how having a Social Media platform can impact or improve your start-up's potential for raising critical funding.

Event Information
SVForum East Bay Series
April 18, 2012

Improving Fundability with Social Media