Abhas Gupta

Abhas Gupta joined Mohr Davidow in 2011 and focuses on analytics-driven companies, particularly those in financial services, retail & logistics, and healthcare. A previous entrepreneur with a background in computer science and strategy consulting, Abhas delights in vertically-oriented analytics opportunities at the intersection of critical business functions and actionability. His other interests include distributed workforces, robotics, enterprise automation, and digital marketing.

Abhas works closely with Mohr Davidow portfolio companies—BuildDirect, HotChalk, Neon, and WorkFusion, among others. He frequently lectures on diverse topics from entrepreneurship to technology trends; Abhas recently taught the Lean Launchpad course at UCSF with Steve Blank.

Founded in 1983, Mohr Davidow Ventures has more than $2B under management.  The firm is currently investing out of Fund IX, which is a $670M fund. MDV invests mainly in Series A and B rounds, and in seed and momentum rounds on a selective basis.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/abhasguptamd/

Twitter: @abhasmdv

Facts & Stats

  • Abhas received an M.D. from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine where he also completed the Ph.D. core curriculum; he holds a B.S. with Honors in Computational Biology from Brown University

  • His passion for technology began early: Abhas wrote his first computer program at age five on the Commodore Plus/4 and can still be heard waxing nostalgically about QBASIC and BBSes

  • Abhas is an avid early-adopter and has an HD-DVD player to prove it