Analyte Health Expands Market Leadership, Launches Health Test Express Brand

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Health Test Express Makes At-Home Health Testing Widely Available
Analyte Health, the leading platform connecting patients to diagnostic services, announced today that it is expanding access to lab offerings through a new brand, Health Test Express.
Health Test Express, an online direct-to-consumer platform for diagnostic testing, will provide critical at-home health test kits for STDs, general wellness, fertility and specialty diagnostics at With Health Test Express’ simple and easy-to-use secure website, patients have the ability to complete medical intakes on their phone or computer, order test kits that arrive in the mail, collect their samples at home, receive their results electronically in days and consult with a physician. Home lab kit samples are collected via pinprick dried blood spot, saliva, urine and swab.
“Analyte Health is the largest independent company making it easier for consumers to manage their health through better access to and understanding of lab diagnostic health information. We’re thrilled to extend that leadership with the launch of the new Health Test Express brand,” said Analyte Health CEO Kevin Weinstein.
Health Test Express has partnered with several leading innovative CLIA-certified laboratories to perform lab test analyses and partners with Analyte Physicians Group to provide a full suite of medical services to patients including providing test recommendations, telehealth consultations, treatment and linkage to care.
Dr. Frank Cockerill, Chief Medical Officer of Analyte Health also noted that, “As we developed Health Test Express, we used robust, evidence-based clinical guidelines to ensure that patients receive clinically relevant and appropriate care. And we work with Analyte Physicians Group, to ensure the highest levels of clinical quality.”
Health Test Express will be operated out of the Analyte Health headquarters in Chicago, IL, and joins sister brand which offers same day, at-the-lab testing in the sexual health category.
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