Splice Machine Launches Its Platform on AWS

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Splice Machine Launches Its Platform on AWS

February 9, 2017

Splice Machine is releasing its data platform on AWS this spring, eliminating the need for users to understand complex codes and only rely on SQL.


With Splice Machine, users can both power applications and perform analytics without the need for ETL and separate analytical databases, such as Amazon RedShift or Snowflake.


“Modern data-intensive applications typically ingest Big Data at high speeds and require transactional and analytical capabilities in the same package,” said Monte Zweben, co-founder and CEO of Splice Machine. “To address this challenge, companies often build complex systems consisting of multiple compute and storage engines. Splice Machine already simplifies this process by providing a hybrid solution, where an optimizer chooses between compute engines. Now, we are taking the next logical step by removing the need to manage the database. Users only need to know SQL – Splice Machine does the rest.”


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