Splice Machine Delivers Centralized Security Administration with New Apache Ranger Plugin

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SAN FRANCISCOJuly 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Splice Machine today announced that it has launched a plugin for Apache Ranger to provide centralized security administration for its customers on Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP). The Apache Ranger plugin will provide Splice Machine customers with a framework for central administration of security policies, and the monitoring of user access and security-related administrative actions within all of the components of Splice Machine. It also provides enhanced support for various authorization methods, such as role-based access control, attribute-based access control and more.
“As the boundaries of the Hadoop stack are continually expanded to power operational applications and not just analytics, the need for powerful security has grown with it,” said Jamie Engesser, Vice President of Product Management at Hortonworks. “Splice Machine’s introduction of an Apache Ranger plugin gives HDP users the ability to have advanced security, control and auditability while leveraging a hybrid transactional analytical database on Hadoop.”
The Splice Machine data platform enables customers to build and deploy predictive applications on a more simple architecture, requiring fewer infrastructure engineers to duct tape compute engines together and requires much less data movement so that analysis and machine learning is up-to-date. Unlike most data platforms, Splice Machine is a scale-out SQL data platform that can run fast OLTP and in-memory OLAP on the same platform, along with machine learning and streaming. The open-source data platform incorporates the proven scalability of HBase™ and the in-memory performance of Apache Spark™.
Using the Apache Ranger plugin from Splice Machine, security administrators can easily manage policies for access to files, folders, databases, tables, or column. These policies can be set for individual users or groups and then enforced consistently across HDP stack. Ranger also provides security administrators with deep visibility into their Hadoop environment through a centralized audit location that tracks all access requests in real time and supports multiple destination sources.
“The maturity of the Hadoop ecosystem is key as we continue to expand our footprint in leading-edge enterprises that are looking for our unique combination of scale, speed, SQL and security,” said Monte Zweben, CEO and co-founder, Splice Machine. “Adding Apache Ranger support to our intelligent application platform empowers our customers that face regulatory and compliance demands with seamless security built right in.”
Spice Machine is available as a fully managed cloud service, and can also be deployed on a customer’s own clusters on premise or in a cloud. To learn more about the Splice Machine intelligent application platform, visit www.splicemachine.com.
About Splice Machine
Splice Machine is a new data platform for digital transformation. Unlike other Big Data platforms that provide offline, batch analysis, Splice Machine powers intelligent applications that are woven into the operational workflows of companies. It is a scale-out SQL RDBMS, data warehouse and machine learning platform in one. Splice Machine is open source and is built upon the popular Apache Hadoop, HBase, and Spark distributed platforms. Companies in financial services, healthcare, retail, manufacturing and logistics deploy Splice Machine to improve their operational efficiency, eliminate unnecessary costs and deliver superior service. The Splice Machine database can be deployed on-premise or as a fully-managed cloud service.
To learn more about Splice Machine, visit www.splicemachine.com.

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