InfusionSoft Named a Top 5 Contact Management Software for Marketers by MarTech Advisor

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Contact management software keeps a record (information and communication) of your leads, deals, customers, suppliers, partners, and vendors. Although the term contact management software is used interchangeably with customer relationship management (CRM), CRM mainly is powered by plenty of additional sales and marketing features.
In this article, we will look at top 5 contact management software. Some of these are standalone contact management software and some offer CRM capabilities or other sales and marketing features. Let’s dive in!
Infusionsoft is a CRM, sales and marketing software. Primarily aimed at small businesses, Infusionsoft offers key features of CRM, marketing automation, sales automation, analytics, payments, and online sales. You can integrate Infusionsoft with Quickbooks, Outlook, Zapier, Xero, Big Commerce, Woo Commerce, Gmail to name a few.
Infusionsoft offers a free trial for 14 days, and the premium plan starts at $99 per month for a single user. You can add additional users at $29 per user per month.
Contact management can be deemed as a sub-part of CRM. Contact management software are crucial in businesses of any size because they efficiently manage the details of your leads, customers or any other business relationships allowing you to focus on key activities like growing your businesses.
Before zeroing in on any of the contact management software, try out the different applications mentioned above, and go for what works best for you.
See the full list on MarTech Advisor here.

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