WorkFusion Founder and CEO Max Yankelevich on Intelligent Automation

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June 15, 2017

About the podcast:
Founder and CEO at WorkFusion, Max Yankelevich, talks about his desire to build products people use. Max provides his thoughts on the AI revolution and its future. He also gives advice to entrepreneurs who want to work in the B2B space, provides a glance into a typical day at WorkFusion, and stresses the importance of being a customer-focused business. His advice: don’t postpone the first contact with the customer; be iterative with your product.
About the guest:
Max founded WorkFusion in 2010 out of MIT’s CSAIL and now spearheads the company’s work combining artificial intelligence and robotics to build products such as the Smart Process Automation, RPA Express, and Chatbots. An evangelist for the emerging field of Intelligent Automating and a dynamic speaker, Max has changed the perception of work automation among decision makers. Max attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he studied computer science and mathematics. He is a seasoned technology entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in large-scale cloud computing and start-up technology companies with a focus on business. Max is also Founder/Chief Architect at Freedom OSS.
Listen to this podcast with SC Moatti, Founder of Product that Count and Max Yankelevich, CEO and Founder of WorkFusion here.


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