Editor Tested: The Universally Flattering Swimsuit by Ruby Ribbon

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June 16, 2017

Ruby Ribbon, a brand that’s gained notoriety for its well fitting shapewear, just launched a debut swim collection. With a great track record streamlining women’s bodies, it makes sense that they’d venture into swimwear. After all, swimsuits are arguably the most emotionally distressing item a woman can try on, especially under the unflattering light of a department store dressing room. We feel your pain!
With that in mind, we decided to take advantage of one of Ruby Ribbon’s coolest incentives. The brand encourages you to throw a swim party in the comfort of your own home and they’ll send a stylist to help you and your best girlfriends find the ideal suits for each of you. Well, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to throw our own fête here at our offices in N.Y.C., where we tried on a plethora of options.
What we found was mind-boggling: three editors, sized 4 (Jennifer Ferrise), 10 (Leigh Belz Ray), and 14 (LaShauna Williams), all looked and felt their best in the same swimsuit! “I love that the suit creates such a nice silhouette and holds everything in, but isn’t matronly” says Belz Ray. Adds Ferrise, “The overall silhouette is so streamlined, especially in black, and the ruching is only on the front, where we all need a little extra help.”
“I loved the classic style! It made me feel like a pin up and offered the support I need” says Williams. “Yes! The style is something that I’ll still be able to wear in 5-10 yearsŠ it’ll never look dated” says Belz Ray. Not only is this suit gorgeous, it’s figure flattery at its finest: masking hips and creating an overall elongated look. Essentially, it’s Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants but for a swimsuit! And if you prefer color, it also comes in a fun blue print.
Everyone walked away pleasantly surprised that one suit could make three women—not only of different sizes, but of different shapes—feel confident and empowered. “At first, my concern was that its full coverage might be a little more fabric than I was used to (I’m picky about tan lines, what can I say!) and it wasn’t until I slipped it on that I really got a sense for just how flattering it is.” says Ferrise. “I was surprised by how well the wide halter strap helped balance my pear shaped bod in a way that my triangle tops never have.” Belz Ray and Williams are both apple shapes of different sizes and had the same sense.
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